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Click here to R.S.V.P. to a virtual conversation, led by Claire Messud Undine Spragg: All That Glitters Is Not Gold Edith Wharton's The Custom of the Country was one of my selections for the Classics Club Challenge . It's a masterpiece of social commentary and psychological insight, and at times I wanted to throw it across the room (or rather, throw its heroine and her associates across the room). 2013-08-15 2021-01-26 2016-11-17 Undine Spragg is a fascinating character, she only has one ambition in life which is to get to the top of whichever society she happens to find herself in. She is so fixated on this desire that she is completely oblivious to everything else around her. In order to achieve her rise to the top she spends a lot of time trying to marry the right man. Undine Spragg, the protagonist of Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country, is among the most reviled characters in American literature.

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Critics uniformly detest Undine because she engages in a series of adulterous affairs and cold-hearted marriages en route to attaining wealth and social standing in late nineteenth-century New York City. View the profiles of people named Undine Spragg. Join Facebook to connect with Undine Spragg and others you may know.

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Undine spragg

Join Facebook to connect with Undine Spragg and others you may know.

Undine spragg

She was always doubling and twisting on herself, and every movement she made seemed to start at the nape of her neck, just below the lifted roll of 2018-03-06 Undine Spragg, the main character, came from what could have been classified as "upper class" in the Midwest. However, nothing prepared her for the amount of courtesies and traditions that were Undine Spragg is ambiguous and snake-like as Melusina and can destroy men with the ruthlessness of a Lorelei. Just as a water- woman acquires a soul thanks to the man who marries her, it is only through marriage, or a succession of marriages, that she can achieve a definition of her self through the acquisition of status, wealth and social function. 2021-03-07 Undine Spragg. The protagonist is a young woman from the midwest. She's a precocious young lady who deceives herself as to what she truly desires. Thinking happiness can be bought, she devotes her entire life to trying to marry the man who will give her the most money to spend.
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Undine spragg

An undated photograph of Edith Wharton. Undine Spragg is an ambitious and visually attractive young woman with decent but indulgent parents who she has persuaded to move from their mid-western province to upper class New York. This is to enable her to realise her dreams of becoming a fashionable socialite. Reading The Custom of the Country in 2018 is an especially weird experience, since Undine Spragg shares a lot in common with another chronic narcissist who happens to be in the news often these days.

Several members of our class, including myself, did not consider Sarah to be a feminist character, because of her dedication to her traditional Undine Spragg With the exception of the controversial title character of Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, no real analogue exists that so defiantly decimates the existing conventional expectation that the female protagonist of a novel should be delicate, sentimental and—above all else—passive supporting figures in the far more emotionally unpredictable trajectory of the most important male in her life.
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Ruthless and predatory, Edith Wharton's seductive young heroine Undine Spragg exploits a series of husbands from the American west to New York and France in her search for one with the ideal combination of social power, money, and material possessions-something "more luxurious, more exciting, more worthy of her!" JC: Speaking of Spragg, there are subtle undernotes of Edith Wharton throughout this novel.Was she an influence? VV: In 2019, just before the pandemic, I was reading a lot of Wharton, and Undine Spragg, the antiheroine of The Custom of the Country, was particularly intriguing to me. Undine Spragg is as unscrupulous as she is magnetically beautiful. Her rise to the top of New York's high society from the nouveau riche provides a provocative   24 Jan 2021 Over 100 years later, her ambitious, and decidedly dreadful, heroine – Undine Spragg – has contemporary ring and provokes chatter about  The Custom of the Country (Paperback). First published in 1813, this novel by best-selling author Edith Wharton, tells the story of Undine Spragg, a Résumé : Cet article soutient que l'ascension sociale d'Undine Spragg dans The Custom of the Country (Les beaux mariages), d'Edith Wharton, re- présente  1913 Edith Wharton novel whose central character is Undine Spragg - crossword puzzle clues and possible answers. Dan Word - let me solve it for you! From New York to Europe, the apartments of the nouveau riche to ancient French estates, Edith Wharton tells the story of Undine Spragg, a girl from a  Undine Spragg.